SOUDEH SAZAN NOVIN ARVAND is a company with the scientific activity in order to import and export laboratory equipment, laboratory supplies, chemicals and the production and also distribution of specialized departments in the respective fields. We are proud to equip more than 180 centers and 1,800 academics. Pharmaceutical production ...

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Services Overview

  • The company provides technical advice about materials and chemicals.
  • Consultation is available for a variety of applications, quality and price as well as technical specifications and use of chemicals and industrial.
  • Offer Performa, import and clearance of goods for customers and delivery plant.
  • Provide specialized and rare materials and chemical industries.

Our Team

In our international part of commerce, Iranian experts and our aboard colleagues are responsible to supply your business affairs from beginning to destination in all chemicals matters as follow:
Doing all business correspondence, research and visiting the factories, getting Performa, doing the relevant currency, supervision of commodity quality, international transportation, and supervising work orders until to achieve the relevant customs.

Business (International Department):

The company by having experienced consultants in business affairs, and having strong relationships with relevant business legal, can offer services to esteemed clients are as follow:
Consulting on choosing the most appropriate and also the most economical sources for various chemicals
Counseling and performing all matters such as customs and licensing order, obtaining license, realizing, transportation and insurance
Counseling about specialized chemical materials and their transfer (analysis, sample preparations, and... catalogs) for (clients) to select the best type of chemicals